BILLmanager 5.285.0

5.285.0 released 02.02.2021


  • Server reservation. Added a field with the client selection to the server reservation form. Added information about the client, for which the server is reserved, and a filter for this information..
  • Sberbank. Added support for recurring payments..
  • The verification of the BIK number was changed in accordance with Bank of Russia Regulation No. 732-P of 24.09.2020..

Bug fixes:

  • Receipts.. Now for ATOL online cash registers expense receipts are recalculated at the rate of income receipts, if the provider’s currency is different from the rouble.
  • Adyen. Fixed the problem that occurred when setting up autopayment if the payment module was connected to the company..
  • Security.. The number of characters in the password has been limited.
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