BILLmanager 5.287.0

5.287.0 released 16.02.2021


  • DCImanager6 processing module.. Added the ability to issue a specific IP address for a dedicated server.
  • BILLmanager 6. Added an advanced filter for the “Invoices”, “Certificates” and “Orders” lists of the “Finance and Documents” section..
  • BILLmanager 6. Added an advanced filter for the “All requests” list in the support service..
  • BILLmanager 6. Added advanced filter for service lists..

Bug fixes:

  • Dedicated servers.
    . Fixed duplication of recipes for DCImanager 6 handlers.
  • Reservation of servers.
    . Fixed the error message that appeared if no DCImanager handler was connected. Added an error message if there are no available servers.
  • Domains registrar
    . Full passport data of the contact are now sent to the registrar. For registration of domains in zones .ru and .rf the “Division code” field and the “Registration address” block were added at the step of domain registration “Contact information”.
  • Domains. ResellerClub.
    . Fixed ordering a domain for more than one year.
  • VAT module.
    . Fixed the problem which prevented creating a payment from administrator account for a client with a validated VAT number.
  • Domains.
    . Fixed the problem that occurred when checking a domain with Cyrillic characters.
  • Configuration file template engine
    . Fixed a rare error with duplicated location block in Nginx config file.
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