CVE-2019-10149: Exim 4.87 to 4.91 (POSSIBLE Remote Exploit)

We have heard a report of a *POSSIBLE* remote Exim exploit out in the wild and looks like Exim has also heard the same thing. Not much information is known at this time, but here is the official post from Exim:

We received a report of a possible remote exploit. Currently there is no evidence of an active use of this exploit.

A patch exists already, is being tested, and backported to all versions we released since (and including) 4.87.

The severity depends on your configuration. It depends on how close to the standard configuration your Exim runtime configuration is. The closer the better.

Exim 4.92 is not vulnerable.

Next steps:

* t0: Distros will get access to our non-public security Git repo
(access is granted based on the SSH keys that are known to us)

* t0+7d: Coordinated Release Date: Distros should push the patched
version to their repos. The Exim maintainers will publish
the fixed source to the official and public Git repo.

t0 is expected to be 2019-06-04, 10:00 UTC
t0+7d is expected to be 2019-06-04, 10:00 UTC


* 2019-05-27 Report from Qualys to exim-security list
* 2019-05-27 Patch provided by Jeremy Harris
* 2019-05-29 CVE-2019-10149 assigned from Qualys via RedHat
* 2019-06-03 This announcement


^- Updates will be posted here.


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